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1. 980 Single frame

W980mm x L1995mm x H790mm + 110mm

W38.58'' x L78.54'' x H31.1'' x 4.33''



2. 1210 Full frame

W1210mm x L1995mm x H790mm +110mm

W47.64'' x L78.54'' x H31.1'' x 4.33''



3. 1410 Double frame

W1410mm x L1995mm x H790mm +110mm

W55.51'' x L78.54'' x H31.1'' x 4.33''



4. 400 side panel

W400mm x L245mm x H900mm

W15.75'' x L9.65'' x H35.43''



Main material: PVC sheet

Bottom board design: Cloth on the bottom

・There is a space to put items on the head bord

・There is a space of 4.33'' underneath of bed which makes it easy to clean

・You can switch the side of the powerpoint and the phone stand









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