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14. W700×D500×H2010mm, W27.6"×D19.7"×H79.1"    $2489.00

open space  upper W655×D445×H532mm, W25.8"×D17.5"×H20.9"

                          lower  W655×D445×H355mm, W25.8"×D17.5"×H14.0"


15. W1000×D500×H2010mm, W39.3"×D19.7"×H79.1"    $3600.00


16. W1200×D500×H2010mm, W47.2"×D19.7"×H79.1"    $4050.00


Frontal material:  hi-gloss



・Full-open slide rail

・Screw-in dowels

・The glass has 4mm thick glass with smoke-like shatterproof film

・Top of the open board is made of moiss.

Hennessy (ヘネシー)

Color: white
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