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17.22. W700×D480×H2030mm, W27.6"×D18.9"×H79.9"    $2624.00


18.23. W895×D480×H2030mm, W35.2"×D18.9"×H79.9"    $3059.00

Open space upper W850×D460×H470mm, W33.5"×D18.1"×H18.5"

lower W319×D430×H278mm, W12.6"×D16.9"×H10.9"


19.24. W1045×D480×H2030mm, W41.1"×D18.9"×H79.9"    $3615.00

Open space upper W1000×D460×H470mm, W39.4"×D18.1"×H18.5"

lower W319×D430×H278mm, W12.6"×D16.9"×H10.9"


20.25. W1195×D480×H2030mm, W47.0"×D18.9"×H79.9"    $4088.00

Open space upper W1150×D460×H470mm, W45.3"×D18.1"×H18.5"

lower W369×D430×H278mm, W14.5"×D16.9"×H10.9"


21.26. W1390×D480×H2030mm, W54.7"×D18.9"×H79.9"    $4718.00

Open space upper W1345×D460×H470mm, W53.00"×D18.1"×H18.5"

lower W319×D430×H278mm, W12.6"×D16.9"×H10.9"


Frontal material: reinforced paper (kingwood), hi-gloss (white)



・Full-open slide rail

・Top first and second drawers have soft-close rails

・Screw-in dowels

・The upper part of the upper oven section is made of moiss wood

・The upper rail section is used an integrated aluminum rail in SV color that is easy to clean

Luciel (ルシエル)

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