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5.8.11. 600 Dining table

W600mm x D480mm x H1980mm

W23.62'' x D18.9'' x H77.95''



6.9.12. 1200 Open board

W1195mm x D480mm x H1980mm

W47.05'' x D18.9'' x H77.95''



7.10.13. 1500 Open board

W1495mm x D480mm x H1980mm

W58.86'' x D18.9'' x H77.95''



Front board material: Reinforcement sheet (brown, natural), high gloss (white grain design)

・Screw dowel

・Soft close rails are used for the all drawers

・Moiss is used for the top part of the opening for the top cabinets

・Double rails ar used for the top cabinet rails which is easy to clean as they are maid of aluminium in SV color


前板材質/ 強化紙(ブラウン・ナチュラル)ハイグロス(白木目)









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