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1. 1500 Table

W1500mm x D800mm x H700mm

W59.06'' x D31.5'' x H27.56''



2. 440 Chair 

W440mm x D540mm x H800mm

W17.32 x D21.26'' x H31.5''



3. 1180 Bench

W1180mm x D390mm x H420mm

W46.46'' x D15.35'' x H16.54''



4. 1700 Table

W1700mm x D850mm x H700mm

W66.93'' x D33.46'' x H27.56''



5. 1400 Bench

W1400mm x D390mm x H420mm

W55.12'' x D15.35'' x H16.54''



Main material: Ash table top

Coating: Urethan

Color: Natural

Thicness of table top: 1.5''


For the chair, 1 set includes 2 chairs. Individual purchase is available. 



主材質:タモ 天板





チェア-1個口 2脚入




Nadeshiko (なでしこ)

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