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15. Table W1000×D700×H700mm, W39.3"×D27.6"×H27.6"     $1200


16. Table W1000×D700×H700mm, W39.3"×D27.6"×H27.6"     $1200


17.  Table W1500×D850×H700mm, W59.1"×D33.5"×H27.6"     $1550


18.  Table W1500×D850×H700mm, W59.1"×D33.5"×H27.6"     $1550


19. 20. Chair W540×D570×H890mm, W21.3"×D22.4"×H35.0"     $960


21. Bench W1150×D410×H440mm, W45.3"×D16.1"×H17.3"     $700


Material: Japanese ash



・Can be sold separately

・Chair : 2 pairs per case

・T) Wood veneer with a sense of materiality is used.

         (Choose from two colors)

・Two table sizes are available

・C) Swivel chair / Seat is PVC / The cushions are thick and very comfortable to sit on

Nagare (ナガレ)

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