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1. W1870×D870×H980mm (HD450), W73.6"×D34.3"×H38.6" (HD17.7")

    W1870×D870×H940mm (HD410), W73.6"×D34.3"×H37.0" (HD16.1")

    W1870×D870×H900mm (HD370), W73.6"×D34.3"×H35.4" (HD14.6)



2. W1470×D870×H980mm (HD450), W57.9"×D34.3"×H38.6" (HD17.7")

     W1470×D870×H940mm (HD410), W57.9"×D34.3"×H37.0" (HD16.1")

     W1470×D870×H900mm (HD370), W57.9"×D34.3"×H35.4" (HD14.6")



3. W930×D870×H980mm (HD450), W36.6"×D34.3"×H38.6" (HD17.7")

     W930×D870×H940mm (HD410), W36.6"×D34.3"×H37.0" (HD16.1")

     W930×D870×H900mm (HD370), W36.6"×D34.3"×H35.4" (HD14.6")      $2712.00


Fabric; leather, PVCFeatures:・Back detachable type, Easy to fit in narrow frontage・Seat height can be selected by rearranging the legs.・Hig0h-back type

・Support for cleaning robots

Rakute (ラクテ)

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