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9. 1200 Kitchen board

W1200mm x D490mm x H2000mm

W47.24'' x D19.29'' x H78.74''



10. 1400 Kitchen board

W1400mm x D490mm x H2000mm

W55.12'' x D19.29'' x H78.74''



11. 1600 Kitchen board

W1600mm x D490mm x H2000mm

W62.99'' x D19.29'' x H78.74''



12. 600 Dining board

W600mm x D490mm x H2000mm

W23.62'' x D19.29'' x H78.74''



13. 1200 Counter

W1200mm x D490mm x H900mm

W47.24'' x D19.29''x H35.43''



14. 1400 Counter

W1400mm x D490mm x H900mm

W55.12'' x D19.29''x H35.43''



15. 1600 Counter

W1600mm x D490mm x H900mm

W62.99'' x D19.29''x H35.43''



16. 600 Counter

W600mm x D490mm x H900mm

W23.62'' x D19.29''x H35.43''



Material on surface: PV・on counter top: melamine

Caoting: Urethan

Color: Ceramic design

・Full open slide rail

・Screw dowel

・Being able to hide kitchen utilities inside makes the kitchen more stylish and simple

・Soft close rails are used for the 1st and 2nd drawers of the boards

・Purcahsing ony the bottom cabinets for the use as a counter














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