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10.11. table W1500×D800×H700mm, W59.1"×D31.5"×H27.6"     $1300


12.13.chair  W620×D700×H910~980mm, W24.4"×D27.6"×H35.8"~38.6"     $1000


14.15. chair W620×D710×H890mm, W24.4"×D28.0"×H35.0"     $900


16.17. table W1800×D900×H700mm, W70.9"×D35.4"×H27.6"     $1800


Material: rubberwood



・A case contains one chair

・Can be sold separately

・Table with two legs  Stylish and simple design legs

・It is a smartly designed chair with elbows and a swivel chair

・Elevation rocking type is available

Spark (スパーク)

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