1. 1600 Table

W1600mm x D900mm x H700mm

W62.99'' x D35.43'' x H27.56''



2. 1800 Table

W1800mm x D900mm x H700mm

W70.87'' x D35.43'' x H27.56''



3. 2100 Table

W2100mm x D900mm x H700mm 

W82.68'' x D35.43'' x H27.56''



4. 430-CF-5400 (H)

W430mm x D577mm x H1005mm (SH420)

W16.93'' x D22.72'' x H39.57''



Main material: Walnut, red oak

Coating: Urethan, ceramic

Thickness of the table top: 1.18''





Vold/CF5400 (ヴォルド/CF5400)