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1. W2100×D930×H780 (SH360), W82.7"×D36.6"×H30.7" (SH14.2")  $10893.00

2. W900×D786×H800 (SH380), W35.4"×D30.9"×H31.5" (SH15.0")  $6245.00

3. W1800×D930×H780 (SH360), W70.9"×D36.6"×H30.7"(SH14.2")  $9763.00


Fabric: Polyester cotton, Urethane foam



・The Japanese design is attractive and impactful.

・The seat is a little hard, so it reduces the burden on the lower back and makes it more comfortable to sit on.

Waza (極ワザ)

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