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1. 1400 Open board

W1400mm x D500mm x H1950mm

W55.12'' x D19.69'' x H76.77''



2.6. 1200 Open board

W1200 x D500 x H1950

W47.24'' x D19.69'' x H76.77''



3.7. 800 Dining board (left/right)

W800mm x D462mm x H1950mm

W31.5'' x D18.19'' x H76.77''



4.8. 400 Dinoing board (left/right)

W400mm x D462mm x 1950mm

W15.75'' x D18.19'' x H76.77''



5.9. 400 Open board (left/right)

W400mm x D462mm x H1950mm

W15.75'' x D18.19'' x H76.77''



Front board material: Walnut / white oak

Coating: Urethan

・Soft close rail

・Screw Dowel









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