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Hotel like sofa and stool Chester Field!

Thank you for chooing Sannaka West.

Here we have uploaded new couch Chester Field on our website!

The material on the outside is leather, and has two color variaties such as brown and beige.

Other than sofas, there are also stools in both colors, so that you could conveniently use them as a combination to the sofas.

More details are as below:

1.7. W37.79'' x D31.5'' x H27.56'', $1330

2.6. W73.23''x D31.5'' x H27.56'', $2100

3.5. W59.45'' x D31.5'' x H27.56'', $1750

4.8. W20.87'' x D31.5'' x H27.56'', $440

The design is modern style, and has luxuary furniture taste which would make rooms hotel-like.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Thank you very much.







1.7. W960mm x D800mm x H700mm, $1330

2.6. W1860mm x D800 x H700, $2100

3.5. W1510mm x D800mm x H700, $1750

4.8. W530mm xD530mm x H410mm, $440




■ Business hours

Mon-Sat: am10: 00-pm5: 00 Sunday: Appointment Only

Address: 560 N Nimitz Hwy # 101B, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA

■ Email

Phone number (808) 537-6181

FAX (808) 537-6188

We look forward to your visit.

Please contact us if you are interested.

You can also order from the web! Please check here Sannaka-WEST HP

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