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How to choose a sofa that suits your life ~Part 1~

If you are going to buy a sofa from now on

We will teach you how to choose a sofa that suits your life.



The sofa is divided into size categories such as 3 seater, 2-2.5 seater, 1 seater, couch corner sofa, stool ottoman and so on. This is a guide only, as the interval varies depending on the person sitting. First, measure the size of the living room or other furniture in which you want to place the sofa, in order to know the basic size of the choice you have in your room. The size and type of sofa to be selected will be determined by the layout of the furniture to be installed such as the living table and the TV stand. Also often overlooked are the wires and the distance between furniture. Be sure to check the lines of life so that the sofa you purchased is larger than you think, and it is different from the layout you had imagined.

ソファは3人用、2〜2.5人用、1人用、ソファコーナー用ソファ、スツールオットマンなどのサイズに分類されます。 間隔は座っている人によって異なりますので、これはあくまで目安です。 最初に、あなたがあなたの部屋で持っている選択の基本的なサイズを知るために、あなたがソファを置きたいリビングルームまたは他の家具のサイズを測ります。 選択するソファのサイズと種類は、リビングテーブルやテレビ台など、設置する家具のレイアウトによって決まります。

Coated cloth

The following materials are popular.

Natural leather (real leather)

It is said that many natural leathers used for sofas are leather.

Cowhide is characterized by a smooth feel and enjoyable texture.

Durability is also good compared to other materials.

It is popular as a material that you can use it to make it look like it is used, and you can enjoy the "aging over time" that changes to a deeper color.

It is useful as a material with high moisture retention and low thermal conductivity, and it is warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot because it blocks cold, dry air in summer and humid air in summer.









Artificial leather (synthetic leather)

A material that mixes microfiber and other fabrics with synthetic resin, and has a leather-like appearance. It is also called "soft leather".

Easy to process and color, also features easy to find a color matching the interior. It can also be said to be a material rich in expressive power, because processing such as embossing is possible.

Also, the attractiveness of artificial leather is that all fabrics are made uniformly.

Because it can be mass-produced while maintaining the same quality, it is also characterized by being inexpensive.


極細繊維などの生地と合成樹脂を混ぜ合わせた素材で、革のような外観をしています。 ソフトレザーとも呼ばれます。

加工や色使いが簡単で、インテリアに合った色を見つけやすいのも特長です。 エンボス加工などの加工が可能なため、表現力に富んだ素材といえるでしょう。



Fabric (cloth)

It is a material that makes you feel the softness and warmth unique to fabrics.

There are many color variations, and the atmosphere and the impression change depending on the fiber and weave method, so it can be said that the material has more choices than leather-based materials.

Although it is weak against water, dirt, ticks, etc., the fabric is very easy to process on the surface, so it is easy to clean, such as those that are water-repellent treated or cover types that can be removed from the sofa and washed. We have a lot.




水、汚れ、ダニなどには弱いですが、布は表面を加工するのが非常に簡単なので、撥水処理されているものやカバーから取り外せるカバータイプなど、清掃が簡単です。 ソファーと洗った。 たくさんあります。

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