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Interior coordination consultation

Interior coordination consultation

In the interior coordination consultation, in order to create a room that suits the lifestyle, the product selection is performed after performing layout, color coordination, etc.

with the 3D simulation tool.

Once the product is decided and the application is made, VR service is performed on request.

There is a dedicated space where you can walk around the store, and the 3D simulation data created at the time of consultation is connected with the VR system.

Reproduce the room you saw on the screen of the PC in a virtual space with the exclusive goggles.

The furniture and interiors under consideration are also arranged.

And by actually walking in it and looking around it from various angles, you can get a sense of the image as to what it would be like if the item you selected actually entered the room.





店舗内に歩いて回れる広さの専用スペースが設けられており、ご相談時に作成した3DシミュレーションのデータがVRのシステムと繋がっています。 専用ゴーグルで、仮想空間に、PCの画面上で見ていたお部屋を再現。



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