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Introducing the raccoon figurine


Thank you for always choosing Sannaka West.

Introducing the raccoon figurine installed in this container.

Do you know why raccoon figurines are so popular as lucky charms?

The reason for this is that raccoon dogs have the same meaning as “ta (other)” and “nuki (nuki)” = “to pull out others”, so there are many cases where they have been placed at storefronts since ancient times as “good luck charms for prosperous business”.

In addition, Shigaraki ware raccoon figurine has that shape with eight meanings of auspiciousness called "Hasso Engi".

The meaning of each part, which is also called "Hasso Enki", is as follows.

• Large hat: Always prepare to protect yourself from unexpected disasters.

• Big eyes: Able to look around and make correct decisions.

• Face: Always smiling and friendly to each other leads to prosperous business

• Tokkuri: Eating and drinking will not be a problem (business will go well).

• Passbook: Trust is the number one priority for those who are well-versed in the world

• Big belly: keep cool and bold

• Big bag of money: Blessed with money luck enough to spend money freely

• Fat tail: True happiness comes from reaching a solid end.

The Shigaraki raccoon dog is not just a cute figurine.

It is also popular at home as an auspicious raccoon dog that invites good fortune.

It is very popular and may disappear soon.

Please contact the store if you are interested.

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  • 大きな笠:普段から準備し思いがけない災難から身を守る

  • 大きな目:周囲を見渡し気を配ることで正しい判断ができる

  • 顔:常に笑顔でお互い愛想よくいることで商売繁盛に繋がる

  • 徳利:飲食には困らず(商売が上手くいく)人徳を持てるように努める

  • 通い帳:世渡り上手は信用が第一

  • 大きなお腹:冷静さと大胆さを持ち合わせる

  • 大きな金袋:お金を自由自在に使えるほどの金運に恵まれる

  • 太いしっぽ:何事もしっかりした終わり迎えることが真の幸福





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