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Introduction of the popular sofa


Thank you for always choosing Sannaka West.

This time, we would like to introduce you to the next sofa that is scheduled to arrive in mid-November.

A sofa that gives off the most presence in the dining room, is a very popular sofa for those who are tired of a plain room, and for those who want to recharge their power in the room.

new poppy sofa

W1490×D780×H790 (SH400),

W58.7"×D30.7"×H31.1" (SH15.7")

Fabric: cloth Features: Leg height 3.9"

With two small cushions

When you want to take a short break or when you want to take a rest Depending on how you use it, we will have a sofa bed that will make you feel tired like magic.

The color is calm blue, and it is also recommended for children's rooms!

The legs of the sofa are slightly higher, so you can clean it very easily.

Even though you are at home, you can create a space that makes you feel as if you were invited to a guest room.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Glove sofa bed

sofa SIZE

W1830×D860×H825mm (SH380mm)

(W72.05 x D33.86 x H32.48in) SH14.96in

bed SIZE


(W72.05 x D42.52 x H14.96in)

Material; fabric

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New poppy sofa

W1490×D780×H790 (SH400),

W58.7"×D30.7"×H31.1" (SH15.7")


特徴: 脚の高さ 3.9"







Glove sofa bed

sofa SIZE W1830×D860×H825mm (SH380mm) (W72.05×D33.86×H32.48in)SH14.96in

bed SIZE W1830×D1080×H380mm (W72.05×D42.52×H14.96in)

素材; ファブリック

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