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"Sannaka-WEST" Japanese products were adopted in the program of NCIS Hawaii.

Updated: Oct 10, 2022


Thank you for always choosing Sannaka -WEST.

Our "Sannaka-WEST" Japanese products were adopted in the program of NCIS Hawaii.

"NCIS Navy Criminal Investigative Unit "In the latest series of "The World's Most Successful TV Series"

"NCIS Navy Criminal Investigative Squad", the NCIS members take on difficult cases in the enchanting Hawaii, centered on the series' first female leader.

Vanessa Lachey, who has built her career as an actress since Miss Teen USA in 1998, has worked as an MTV personality, model, and moderator. In addition, LGBTQ female investigators will also appear, and there is no doubt that the development of how they will become leaders and solve the case will be quite interesting.

Most of all, Hawaii is the filming location for the entire movie, and Hawaii fans will be delighted to be able to see beautiful beaches, mountains, and other familiar sights of Hawaii on screen every time! 

In the play, Hawaii's unique culture such as aloha shirts, surfing, and hula, as well as Hawaii's tourist attractions such as Waikiki Beach, Kualoa Ranch, and Byodo-in Temple in Kaneohe, etc.

You can also enjoy episodes depicting history.

■ Business hours Mon-Sut: am10: 00-pm5: 00 Address: 560 N Nimitz Hwy # 101B, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA ■ Email Phone number (808) 537-6181 FAX (808) 537-6188 We look forward to your visit. Please contact us if you are interested. You can also order from the web! Please check here Sannaka-WEST HP



NCIS Hawaiiの番組内で弊社「sannaka-WEST」の和の商品が採用されました。

「NCIS ネイビー犯罪捜査班」

”世界で最も成功したテレビシリーズ”「NCIS ネイビー犯罪捜査班」の最新シリーズで、シリーズ初の女性リーダーを中心に魅惑のハワイを舞台にNCIS メンバーが難事件に挑む





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