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We introduce point of furniture choice this time

Updated: May 13, 2019

1.If you do not know the layout of one room, the size of the necessary furniture can not be determined

Before going to the store, check the size and facilities of the room.

By clarifying the layout, the size of the frontage, and the position of the outlet and PC adapter, the installation location of the furniture and the required number of lights are determined.

It is also an important point to make time-consuming and hassle-free, room item selection proceed smoothly.

2.Have a floor plan of the room when you come to the store.

Having a floor plan can provide clearer advice.

In addition, a floor plan is necessary for coordination consultation by the interior coordinator.

3.Check list of floor plan and facilities.

□ Room layout (length of each side, height of ceiling)

□ Width and height of each window (refer to how to measure curtains)

□ Width and height of entrance (port, corridor, each room)

□ Storage door and room door position and opening and closing space

□ Position of outlet and adapter (TV, PC, phone)

□ Position and size of columns and beams








間取り図があることで、より明確なアドバイスをお伝えできます。 また、インテリアコーディネーターによるコーディネート相談にも、間取り図が必要です。








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